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We offer help with spiritual questions and accessing spiritual accompaniment to support  grief, loss, trauma or spiritual direction for the cultivation of joy, meaning and purpose.

Access non-denominational care from qualified spiritual practitioners

We look forward to connecting with you!

Care for the
Human Soul

Spiritual Salon
Wed, Nov 1, 12noon EST 

We will send you a zoom link

"Speaking with a spiritual director helped me understand the moral injury I felt from my job and find a path forward."

Spiritual care is a path to receive support in your personal search for meaning, no matter what words you use or whether or not you claim a spiritual or religious affiliation.

We are a team of spiritual health practitioners, mental health providers, chaplains, community builders, healers, theologians, doctors, public health experts, and health advocates.


We are inspired by care for the soul and motivated by the future of collective health.

About Us

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